Making an impact in person and through your imagery is important in business. You must consider your personal brand and how to bring this to life. First up, ask yourself “What is the impression I want to make?”

There are some colours and clothes that will flatter you (you’ll look well rested even when you’re not) – others can add years and make you appear unapproachable/closed off. Some colours help you stand out in a crowd ensuring that at events you are highly visible and always get noticed.

Your best colours will blend seamlessly with your features but also highlight them. You’ll look the best version of you. And feel more confident. Confidence is an essential ingredient to help you shine brightly in your business.


ABOUT-03 Are a business owner who needs to be impactful in person and online.

ABOUT-03 Regularly attend events and want to stand out from the crowd.

ABOUT-03 Have a professional photo shoot planned.

ABOUT-03 Will be on the telly or presenting to an audience and want to look fabulous.

ABOUT-03 Are looking to update your wardrobe – perhaps you’re heading into warmer or cooler months and about to purchase a number of new pieces of clothing or accessories.

Untitled“Felicity’s passion, knowledge and genuine interest in helping find the right colour palette for me made for not only a really informative, but quite therapeutic and even luxurious experience.

It prompted me to think about things I hadn’t thought about before in terms of the impact I want to have as I build my business and my brand. I use the knowledge I gained in my consultation on a daily basis. It was a huge help when choosing outfits, make up and nail colour for a recent photoshoot.

The value this information has had on my personal brand is immeasurable. Not to mention the money it will save me from making bad purchasing decisions in the future. I got so much value out of my colour consultation with Felicity I have been raving about it to family and friends.

Zara D’Cotta |




A discussion on your personal brand and how to make your best impression through your wardrobe.


Time spent draping you to determine what colours suit you best and your signature colours.


Information on the psychology of colour plus options for hair colour and purchases like jewellery, swimwear, glasses and handbags.


A light makeup application.


Specialty tea and coffee.


ABOUT-03 A personalised colour swatch (the perfect size for your handbag) of your 50 best colours.


ABOUT-03 A booklet with information about how to wear your colours plus recommendations for future purchases.


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“The consultation with Felicity was very educational. I was extremely interested in finding out my colours and was surprised but really happy with the outcome. Whilst I was initially overcome by grief at the fact black is not my ideal colour, I have since enjoyed working with my preferred colours.

Shop assistants and customers are always interested when they see me using my swatch as a reference. I found all information useful but particularly loved the info about accessories and swimwear.

The colour consultation pays for itself with more shopping hits and far less misses.”

Sarah Baxter | Ginger Jones Melbourne

“ So many clients of mine wear black for their photos because they think it’s slimming (or through some ultra boring Melbourne uniform kind of thought process) but most of them just end up looking like corpses, as it drains all the colour from their faces and makes them look harsh and older (oh yes ladies!).
Yet I find when my clients have had a colour session they are much more aware of how colour affects their appearance and put more time into planning their outfits for shoots. These clients look fabulous and when you look fabulous you feel fabulous and it makes much more relaxed and beautiful images.”

Samara Clifford | Photographer

Your questions answered…

What colour system do you use?
I have trained in the Absolute Colour System, which was developed here in Australia.

What about the old system that characterized people as autumn, winter, spring or summer?
The Absolute Colour System is a different method and offers a wider range of colour matches.

Are the colours for clothes only?
There are limitless uses for your colour swatch. It can inspire your clothes, accessories, makeup, nail polish and hair colour.

Does this session have to be done in person?
Yes it does have to be done in person as you are draped with various colours.

Where are the colour consultations held?
In East Brunswick. About 15 to 20 minutes from the CBD.

Do you do other locations?
I do travel to locations outside of Melbourne on occasion. Please let me know your location and I can advise what’s possible.

I love to wear black. Will I still be able to wear it?
Black does work for some people and it will be part of their colour swatch. For others (including me) it won’t be a recommended option.

At AU $325 that sounds expensive, is it worth it?
Absolutely. This knowledge will help you make your best impression in business, minimise poor (and expensive) wardrobe purchases and you’ll look and feel amazing. And that… is priceless.

Do you do gift vouchers?
Yes. It’s a perfect gift idea. Please drop me a line via the contact form.

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