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Rise & shine

Tired of playing small?

Wanting to kickstart a new venture or level up your biz or profile up but so worried by what others will think that you feel stuck and unseen (and have been for a while)?

Been promising yourself you’d take action for months (maybe years)?

Would love to put yourself ‘out there’ but find the idea kind of terrifying?

Lack inspiration (and confidence) to package your idea and skills let alone promote it?

Treading a new path is often confusing and daunting, even when you’re really amazing at what you do. It can be completely overwhelming as you go round in circles trying to decide what step to take next. And then there’s the negative self talk that masquerades as being helpful and sensible but really just keeps you stuck and small.

You’ve likely made some inroads, even taken a course or two (or three), have created a long to do list and are brimming with ideas and good intentions.

 But let’s be frank, your momentum has stalled.

You’re wondering if you should just stick with what you know…  if all this discomfort will be worth it.

Yet you have this longing. A desire to bring something special into the world, to do something daringly different and maybe just change a life or two…

FInd your trbe

Well, imagine if you:

ABOUT-03 Had clarity (it’s golden).

ABOUT-03Had the confidence to share what you do online and
in the real world too.

ABOUT-03 Took clear and consistent action
(and maybe even had some fun along the way).

ABOUT-03Had someone to brainstorm with – someone who was a marketing and communications expert plus a life coach too.

ABOUT-03Embraced public speaking, shared your image more, pitched for guest blogging or media opportunities, built new relationships or just tried different ways to share your message (that previously made you run for cover).

ABOUT-03 Had a tool kit to boost your confidence in times of need.

ABOUT-03 Bought your ideas and dreams to life.

If you’d like to share who you are, what you do and raise your profile with confidence and ease, I can help.

I do this by supporting you to:

// understand your strengths and talents.

// uncover ‘visibility’ blocks and move beyond them.

// think differently about what is possible for you.

// get clear about the impression you want to make aka your personal brand and what you want to be known for.

// finesse your messaging so you can easily articulate what you do and how.

// create an actionable marketing plan that depending on your goals may include hosting events and workshops, public speaking, publicity, communications, networking, social media and advertising.

If you’re ready to take the next step and be stretched but fully supported then we’d be a great team…


Your investment…
$495 per month
(total cost of $1485).

3 months of support including:

// x 6 sixty minute one-on-one sessions via SKYPE
(even some in person if you happen to be in my neck of the woods).

// troubleshooting assistance and accountability check-ins via email to keep you on track.

// me in your corner – encouraging and cheering you on.

Only 5 spots available with coaching to commence start of May 2017…


Bonus inclusions

1/ Opportunity to be a speaker at the upcoming On The Rise speaker event. This opportunity is priceless and includes your chance to take to the stage, receive professional photography, terrific exposure and a speaker testimonial. The next event will be in Melbourne (Australia) and is earmarked for August 2017.

VALUE: priceless.

2/ You’ll receive a personalised “Customer Touchpoints Review report” of your social media and website with insights and recommendations to ensure your messaging and engagement are delivering.

VALUE: $395.

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On the Rise speaker line up


“Felicity has been, and continues to be instrumental in guiding the decisions I make about my business and personal brand. If you’re contemplating working with Felicity, don’t think about it, just do it.” Zara D’Cotta – Founder and Editor Oh My Goodness.

“The most valuable component of the coaching series was creating a disciplined approach to ‘dreams’ and anchoring goalposts… If you have a thought that is stuck and on repeat, Felicity has an uncanny skill for unsticking those thoughts. Which is a unique skill and characteristic of Felicity’s, a beautiful balance of going tough on you when you need tough, and approaching softly when you need a softer touch,” Zanin Lawrence – Politis – Artist.

“Just thank you for everything! You are such a talented, professional and generous coach and I loved working with you…” Katie Maynes – PR coach and consultant.

“As someone who is inexperienced — and afraid — of public speaking I was so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a speaker at such a well-organised, well-run and inspiring event like this. Felicity truly is pro at what she does…” Chloe Wigan – Life Coach & writer.

“After years of talking relentlessly about having my own styling business, I have finally engaged a web designer/developer, I have a logo and a website. I truly believe this would not have happened without Felicity’s support and guidance. Felicity is fantastic at breaking down goals/tasks/projects that once seemed very overwhelming and frightening into something that feels achievable and exciting. Her advice is always backed up with research and she really makes you think about what is you are trying to achieve and why.”
Carlie Monasso – Food Stylist

 “I’m incredibly grateful to Felicity. She believed in me so deeply – both in her words and actions – that it was impossible not to start gathering the confidence and momentum I needed to reach my goals along the way. When challenges came up, Felicity was able to keep me focused and on track by helping me to see what was working well and the actions I could take to continue moving forward. I would recommend Felicity to anyone who wants to align their image with their message.”
Gina Tucker – Life Coach

“Being a speaker at On the Rise was a wonderful experience from start to finish. The support and professionalism given by Felicity was absolutely second to none. Thanks so much Felicity, it was wonderful and you are amazing!” Kerry Jeffery – Leading expert in overcoming toxic parent relationships.

“Felicity’s expertise was invaluable in helping me prepare and perform to my very best… You have a very unique skill set. Nothing felt difficult, rushed or unprofessional at any stage. I felt very safe in your hands…” Naomi Morrow – Life and Creativity Coach.

Felicity and Gill toast with attendees of the Personal brand workshop

Complimentary chat


This program is perfect if you’re…

// Just starting out or have a biz side gig.

// Ready to take action and be more VISIBLE but need support and ideas to bring your dream to life.

// Keen to take to the stage and gain valuable public speaking experience.

// A Beautiful You coach looking for certification.

Let's work together