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My love affair with life coaching began over a decade ago. And it’s not an overstatement to describe it as such. I have found being coached and coaching others rewarding, enlightening and transformational.

I am not exactly sure how life coaching got on my radar but it was likely connected to the extensive soul searching I underwent in my 30s. At the time I was facing challenges that ranged from being single for the first time in my adult life (after 11 years in one relationship) to the unexpected death of my brother to acknowledging I needed to mix things up in my life (big time).

I found myself in the self-development aisle of my local bookstore. Titles like “Awaken the giant within”, “The 7 habits of highly effective people” and “Feel the fear and do it anyway” began to creep onto my bookshelf. And then one night I attended an information session for a Life Coaching course.

At that time, I chose a different course provider (Beautiful You Coaching Academy was a mere twinkle in Julie’s eye then) and enjoyed many aspects of the training. However it was very different to the training I would receive later through Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA). Unfortunately I did not complete my certification with that school and whilst I left with some great skills, I did not commence coaching as a career.

Julie Parker of Beautiful You Coaching Academy - review

Julie Parker from Beautiful You Coaching Academy and coach Fontaine at On The Rise – a speaker event with new talent

Fast forward many years and I was again contemplating a coaching career. I came across BYCA in a Google search. Initially their positioning did not gel 100% with me. I remember there was a lot of pink (I am not a pink person) and with my corporate background I wasn’t sure we were a fit. But I did love the comprehensive curriculum and after reviewing the photos and testimonials… well I just had this feeling that this course community was exactly what I needed. I still remember where I was sitting (in my kitchen next to the heater) when I hit send on my application… decision made.

Here are my favourite bits about training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy:

  1. Julie Parker is generous, warm hearted and knows her stuff. Julie is a successful life coach but she also runs a thriving business and so is ‘the’ lady to learn from. Julie is on hand to answer every question (you can just sense on live calls she is begging for more from those listening) and support you 100%. Her team is equally responsive and lovely.
  2. The community. Just wow… you will receive so much support and cheerleading during the course (it’s hard to leave the flock) but rest assured post graduation that continues in so many ways. Think online communities, resources, promotion and in person events.
  3. You are provided with a terrific coaching model and begin coaching (with confidence) during the course.
  4. The manual and workbooks are incredibly comprehensive. I still reference the manual and templates regularly.

And there’s more:

  • I paid for the course on a payment plan. It helps.
  • There are two Inspiration Days every year that you can access whilst studying – make at least one if you can. I made it to New York in 2015 (and let me tell you it’s a long trip from Melbourne) but loved the opportunity to connect with coaches from across the globe and the speakers were amazing. Oh and the shopping and the city were pretty good too.
Julie Parker of Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Julie Parker from Beautiful You Coaching Academy and Felicity Watson

Important things to note:

  • You must be comfortable with learning fully online. Initially I struggled to share my work through an online forum, be active in the Facebook group and ask questions during the live coaching calls. To maximize your learning (and if you want to become certified) it’s a MUST.
  • You will learn foundational coaching skills and an effective client session framework. There are scripts (obviously you personalize these) for a complete coaching series starting with your complimentary consultation right to the final session. In my previous course we studied more coaching techniques. Interestingly, as a new coach juggling those skills in my sessions often led to overwhelm, which then impacted my ability to listen. The BYCA approach got me coaching – right from my first session – with confidence and I received terrific feedback. I found it a more relaxed style of coaching that was focused on action and results but also prioritized allowing space to listen to the client and support them unconditionally. And therein lies the magic.
  • The course is focused on training you as a coach and to run a successful coaching business. Module wise it’s about a 50:50 split in relation to these (big) topics. Comprehensive details about the curriculum are available on their website.
  • Learning to become a coach is a self-development journey. I was uncomfortable and I was stretched during my studies but it allowed me to move forward in ways that would prove important to my business (and life) – like being visible on social media, having the courage to share my opinions and views online and learning my strengths and blocks.
  • The course is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) however upon graduation you cannot call yourself an ICF certified coach. That said, there is a pathway provided for you to become a certified Beautiful You Coach. And this affords many, many benefits.

Right now I use my life coaching skills in my work as a personal brand and communication coach. I believe this gives me a genuine point of difference. Supporting women to achieve great things professionally is part tactics and part mindset – and so life coaching skills are valuable in this respect. The Beautiful You ethos sets the foundations for any coaching and honestly its magic (encouragement, genuine care and respect for your client) is what makes the difference in helping women to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Studying with Beautiful You Coaching Academy will equip you with the:

  1. Confidence and skills to begin coaching almost straight away.
  2. Tools to build a coaching business.
  3. A community like no other. Making it possible to forge ahead on your coaching journey and navigate the highs (and lows… let’s be honest here) it brings.
Julie Parker from Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Julie Parker from Beautiful You Coaching Academy with the On the Rise speaker line up – Aaron, Fontaine, Ali, Felicity, Clare, Sammie and Gina.

Sound amazing? That’s because it is…

Before you take the next step of signing up… you should know that if you sign up via my affiliate link you will receive a COMPLIMENTARY coaching package valued at AU $1200.

Complimentary coaching package details:

  • 8 week coaching series, which includes x 1 90 minute and x 3 60 minute coaching calls.
  • Email support between sessions – I will follow you up and be available to review work, trouble shoot and cheer you on.
  • Worksheets for your brand, website, photo shoot, publicity and more.

During our time together I can help you with your:

  • Brand – get clear on your ideal client, your brand personality and your coaching offer.
  • Business foundations – launching a website, developing your opt-in and building your list.
  • Self promotion – so personal presentation, photo shoot preparation, marketing and publicity, blogging, social media, networking, events and speaking.
  • Self confidence – enabling you to share your message with ease and expand your audience and client list.

Beautiful You Certified Coach Felicity Watson

As a certified BY coach, our work will go towards your own certification. If you wish to undergo certification, you can upgrade from the FREE four sessions to six sessions by paying only AU $400 (these additional two sessions are valued at AU $600).

If you’d like to chat about the course or my coaching package for BYCA students, I would be delighted to do so. Please drop me a line at

Affiliate link Beautiful You Coaching Academy Felicity Watson

To receive my coaching package you must: 1/ click my affiliate link just above 2/ read and scroll through to the bottom of that page until you reach the (big) green ENROL NOW banner and 3/ Select to either pay in FULL or the PAYMENT OPTION plan. You will then be taken to a form for completion. And that’s it. I will then be notified in due course by the BY team.


Important note
Signing up through my affiliate link means I will receive a one-time payment from BYCA. Please be aware that I endorse the course based on my own positive experience and active involvement in the community to this day.

Photography credit: Samara Clifford Photography.

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